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Ready to Crawl

Ready to Crawl is a project of 3D-printed organic-like robots. By printing everything except the motor as one unit, the robots are born with a completed shape like real creatures. After the robots have been printed by a selective laser sintering machine, excess nylon powder is removed, a motor is inserted, and then they start crawling.

Reading Plan

Reading Plan is an interactive artwork with 23 automatic page-turning machines. When audiences enter the exhibition room, the machines start to turn the pages automatically and read their contents in the voice of elementary school students. The machines are a metaphor for a Taiwanese classroom.

Next Generation JKU

Linz’s Johannes Kepler University’s faculty includes outstanding research scientists whose work is quoted in some of the most highly respected scientific journals worldwide. So who are these brilliant young Upper Austrian scientists and what exactly are they doing research on?


Papilion is an environmentally responsive experimental architecture making use of soft robotics technology. The surface covering the dome can change shape by the wing-like units using actuators driven by temperature conditions. It seems that the building itself is breathing.

MoRFES_02: Robot Ecologies for Construction

MoRFES_02 (Mobile Robotic Fabrication Eco-System 02) is an iteration of a series of experiments and demonstrators conducted by Maria Yablonina as part of her ongoing research on collaborative mobile robots for architectural fabrication.

AI Music

Innovative 3D-printing technology is used to make the robot safe to play music with: As a true virtuoso, the robot is focused on its music rather than the people around it, so we have it wear a soft, inflatable, AirSkin that was custom-fit through 3D-printing.

Top Swing Golf Robot 3.0

SOFEA’s Top Swing Golf Robot 3.0 is an electronically controlled swing robot made in Germany. Beginners, advanced players and professional golfers can work on their own individual swing.

Experts Tour: Pneuma Fountain / Kremsmünster

Chico MacMurtrie is well known for his large-size robotic sculptures. For the Landesgartenschau in Kremsmünster (Garden Show of the State of Upper Austria) Chico MacMurtrie created Pneuma Fountain, a 4-meter-tall, 16-meter-wide inflatable robotic sculpture which is placed right in the middle of the Kremsmünster Monastery’s baroque courtyard. The tour consists of a presentation from the artist himself.