Ars Electronica 1988
Festival-Program 1988
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Foreword 'Franz Dobusch Franz Dobusch
Foreword 'Karl Gerbel Karl Gerbel
Introduction. A Historical Survey on the Subject 'Gottfried Hattinger Gottfried Hattinger
… horrific honorific hommage for the opening of Ars Electronica
Art of the Scene – The Inscenation of Art 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
Experimental Music in the Limelight 'Reinhard Oehlschlägel Reinhard Oehlschlägel
Cinema and Architecture: Intersections of Illusionism 'Brian Henderson Brian Henderson
The Union of the Arts in the theatrical visions of the early Modern: from Kandinsky´s Synaesthetic Theatre to the Mechanical Show Machinery by El Lissitzky 'Barbara Lesack Barbara Lesack
Invitation 'Peter Gente Peter Gente  /  'Adelheid Paris Adelheid Paris
High Technology of Amechania 'Hannes Böhringer Hannes Böhringer
Perceiving 'Heinz von Foerster Heinz von Foerster
The Memory 'Vilém Flusser Vilém Flusser
Fiction and Simulation 'Friedrich Kittler Friedrich Kittler
Territory and Technology 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
The Mechanical Bauhausstage ' Theater der Klänge Theater der Klänge
Looking upon the Wide Waste of Liquid Ebony 'Heiner Goebbels Heiner Goebbels
Postwar Performance: Mixing Means and Metiers 'Peter Frank Peter Frank
Moving – frozen. Sound and body figures 'Peter A. Egger Peter A. Egger  /  'Mia Zabelka Mia Zabelka
Radial Arcs 'Ron Kuivila Ron Kuivila
Video World and Fractal Subject 'Jean Baudrillard Jean Baudrillard
Infermental 7
Landscapes of Address 'Chris Hill Chris Hill
Maelstromsüdpol 'Erich Wonder Erich Wonder  /  'Heiner Goebbels Heiner Goebbels  /  'Heiner Müller Heiner Müller
Early Minimalism: February 1965 'Tony Conrad Tony Conrad
Sound Park
Sheep-Music-Concert-Castle 'Henning Christiansen Henning Christiansen
Solar Music Hot House 'Joe Jones Joe Jones
The Appointed Cloud 3 'Yoshi Wada Yoshi Wada
3rd International Audio Art Symposium
Introduction 'Matthias Osterwold Matthias Osterwold
A New Paragon 'Paul Panhuysen Paul Panhuysen
XEN. 3-D Movie Concert 'Thomas Shannon Thomas Shannon  /  'Jon Hassell Jon Hassell
Audio Art: Space 'Rolf Langebartels Rolf Langebartels
Imaginary Landscape: Electronics in Live Performance, 1989 & 1939 'Nicolas Collins Nicolas Collins
Spanish Bells 'Llorenç Barber Llorenç Barber
100 of the World´s Most Beautiful Melodies 'Nicolas Collins Nicolas Collins
Die Luftmenschen 'Arnold Dreyblatt Arnold Dreyblatt
Separated Worlds – United Worlds 'Giardini Pensili Giardini Pensili
When Cursing was Working / "5 Listening" ' Hans Peter Kuhn Hans Peter Kuhn
HEX/"Holosound" ' Logos-Duo Logos-Duo
Speaker Swinging 'Gordon Monahan Gordon Monahan
Flip-Flop 'Horst Rickels Horst Rickels
Hungers 'Ed Emshwiller Ed Emshwiller  /  'Morton Subotnick Morton Subotnick
Voices from an Innerspace 'Valie Export Valie Export  /  'Susanne Widl Susanne Widl  /  'Patricia Jünger Patricia Jünger
Sciame 'Enzo Cosimi Enzo Cosimi  /  'Fabrizio Plessi Fabrizio Plessi  /  'Luca Spagnoletti Luca Spagnoletti
Scenes/Spaces – Exhibition ' Ausstellung Kunsthochschule Linz Ausstellung Kunsthochschule Linz
Scherzophren 'Waltraud Cooper Waltraud Cooper
Weather Building 'Michael Bielicky Michael Bielicky
New American Video Art: A Historical Survey, 1967–1988 'John G. Hanhardt John G. Hanhardt
Catching up to Video at Home and Abroad 'Tony Conrad Tony Conrad
Public Images and Images of Power 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
The Third Synaesthetic Wave in Modern Art 'Frans Evers Frans Evers
Half-medium or full-medium. The limits of De-art-ization 'Frieder Butzmann Frieder Butzmann  /  'Thomas Kapielski Thomas Kapielski
Requiem for an Unknown Soldier/ "Trattato della Pittura II. Sinfonia per trompe elettropneumatiche" 'Paul Panhuysen Paul Panhuysen
Private Hungary - Ungarn privat 'Tibor Szemzö Tibor Szemzö  /  'Péter Forgács Péter Forgács
Dynamic Integrity of Noise ' Vivenza Vivenza
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Biographies part 2