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*ÆTER* can be seen as a study of electromagnetism, translating the phenomenon into an immersive sonic environment. Consisting of antennas and analog electronic circuitry, the autonomous systems directly capture and transform the ever-present electromagnetic waves in the air around us into low frequency audio material.

Cognition Schöffer

Cognition Schöffer is an abstract interactive mobil sculpture, dedicated to the pioneer of cybernetic art, Nicholas Schöffer.

I + I = #Who?

Reality, fiction, wishful thinking?! Who am I; who can I be? We take selfies to place ourselves in the middle of the picture. How can I feature myself? How would I like to?

Neurotransmitter 3000

The artist and designer Daniel de Bruin is driven by the desire to become part of the things he creates. Neurotransmitter 3000 is such a thing: a seven-meter-high attraction in which he lets himself swing around.

The Perspective Machine

Better, simpler and faster, above all, faster. This development has come to prevail in our society. It is already taken for granted that we do not particularly like waiting for answers and results.


When a ray of white light enters a prism, it exits split into its constituent elements. Each resulting color’s unique character is brought out and demonstrated through its interaction with the prism, thanks to the qualities of the light, as an active element, and those of the prism, as the passive element.

Teaching City

Teaching City is an experiential learning framework highlighting urban issues through playful interactions. It offers an antidote to the industrial-age pedagogy of the classroom, subverting the preconceptions of citizens through “knowledge interventions” embedded in urban spaces—the city is the teacher.


SynapSense is a performative installation heightening our bodily awareness. Sensorial understanding through enactment is revealed via three modes: explore, calibrate and create.

hoaxly Fake News Game

hoaxly Fake News Game is an interactive installation where people can rate news headlines according to their perceived truthfulness. A headline will be presented on a screen.

Hybrid Sensorium

Hybrid Sensorium explores the way we sense our body within physical space and the sensory distortions caused both by mediating technology and direct contact. The artwork is placed in immediate physical contact with the visitor, both thus becoming vulnerable to emotional contamination.