Ars Electronica Center


inFORM is a shape display that gives physical form to digital information. Motorized pins extend from a tabletop to form a physical sculpture that users can view, touch and deform.


What is it like to sculpt with motion? Topobo is a construction toy with kinetic memory, able to record and playback physical motion. Snap together Passive (static) and Active (robotic) pieces into a creation, and with a press of a button and a flick of the wrist, you can teach your creation how to dance or walk.


musicBottles is an interactive installation for visitors to interact with soundwaves encapsulated in bottles. The installation consists of a set of bottle that encapsulate sounds from Boston, Cambridge and the MIT neighborhood.

Deep Space 8K: Best of

The very best of the regular Deep Space 8K program at the Ars Electronica Center in German and English language.

g.tec: recoveriX and mindBEAGLE

Both systems are based on Brain-Computer Interfaces that measure brainwaves in real-time and process immediately to have real-time feedback. Learn more about recoveriX and mindBEAGLE and communicate only by your thoughts!

Focus Digital Music and Soundart: Music Monday

The highlight of the final day of the festival features encounters of both a sensory as well as intellectual nature with electronic and experimental music. Accompanied by musician/musicologist Werner Jauk (AT), festivalgoers will enjoy close-up contacts with creative artists as well as first-hand insights into the music and tonal worlds conjured up at the festival.

Highlight Tour Ars Electronica Center

In addition to the highlights of the Museum of the Future including the Deep Space 8K, this tour spotlights “Radical Atoms,” an exhibition that premiered at the 2016 Ars Electronica Festival.