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Eat a bit »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-19:00 Uhr


Eat a bit Eat a bit project introduces first utensils of Digital Kitchen. Using Human Control Interface, edible objects may be printed out using 2D or 3D printing technologies, and existing raw-foods heat-treated using laser-cutting technologies. 

Featured Art Scene

Ecology of the Techno Mind - Featured Art Scene Talk »

08.09. | 10:00-12:30 Uhr


Mit/with: Jurij Krpan u.v.m.

Events, Concerts & Performances / Prix Ars Electronica

Electronic Theatre »

06.09. - 06.09. | 22:00-23:30 Uhr

OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich

Electronic Theatre A big-screen showing of the prizewinning works in the 2008 Prix Ars Electronica’s Computer Animation/ Film / VFX.

campus 08 / Exhibitions

ephemeral melody »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-19:00 Uhr

Kunstuniversität Linz / Hauptplatz

ephemeral melody ephemeral melody is a novel musical instrument using soap bubbles. We can listen to unrepeatable music at the time bubble burst through this instrument.

campus 08 / Exhibitions / Specials

Episureo - zusammenfließen »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-23:00 Uhr

Schwimmbad, Holmes Place

Episureo - zusammenfließen An image projected onto the ceiling reacts to the swimmers in the water via camera tracking. The visualization changes depending on their movements, and a musical tapestry is woven through an underwater loudspeaker.

Featured Art Scene

Error Trash v.1.4 – experimental project combining digital noise and video »

08.09. | 18:30-19:00 Uhr


Error Trash v.1.4 – experimental project combining digital noise and video The intervention is a continuation of the project Parallel Data Error 1.1. In it the author focuses on issues related to real-time data transfer in the current and wide-spread digital multimedia communication systems.

Take Away (data to go)

Ethics Disco - NEW! »

08.09. | 18:00-19:00 Uhr


After his first appearance on the Ars Foyer Stage on Saturday, 6.9. Kalle Laar is bringing his temporary sound museum on the Pfarrplatz Stage once again!