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Globe Fire »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-00:00 Uhr

OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich

Globe Fire

A ball-shaped theater is made of a transparent membrane with 12 burning-point inductors in it. Visitors can interacted with the artwork by lighting up one of the 12 temperature sensors and turning on the image of flames. The flags of 200 countries can be seen inside the image of the flames.

Strictly as documentation.

Ars Foyer

Godmode »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-19:00 Uhr


Godmode You draw a creature on a piece of paper, put it on the machine and press "copy".The machine uses a home-made algorithm to find a skeleton-structure in the creature you just invented. Then it brings your creature to life by animating it according to this skeleton.

Events, Concerts & Performances

Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen & Institut für erweiterte Kunst »

03.09. - 09.09. | 21:30-00:00 Uhr

Roter Krebs

Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen & Institut für erweiterte Kunst This is the third year that IFEK is extending a cordial invitation to artists, musicians, DJs and Ars Electronica festivalgoers to meet & greet their peers at the Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen.

campus 08 / Exhibitions

Guerrilla Jogging »

04.09. - 09.09. | 10:00-19:00 Uhr


Guerrilla Jogging Guerrilla Jogging is an interactive GPS-location based mobile game for one or more players that runs on pocket PCs and smart phones.