Linz offers lots of possibilities to explore the city by night on foot, to which Ars Electronica adds an additional attraction throughout the Festival run: Nightlines. On Thursday, there’s the Ars Electronica Opening in POST CITY, which will also host an intensive electronic performance on Friday night. Jürgen Ropp and Arno Deutschbauer (Linz Art University/Interface Cultures, AT) get things started with Unify, an audiovisual performance that sonifies scientific data. They’re followed by the Sound Art Community gathered about Sergey Kasich (RU), who’ll present a showcase in POST CITY. Then, the stage belongs to another Interfaces Cultures sound artist: Jens Vetter (DE) works live with his Looper, an electronic music interface that combines sounds generated in real time with digitally composed synths. For the remainder of this long night, a lineup assembled by Salon 2000 (AT)—DJs Jarus + Jumbie, Wandl Live (Affine Records), Jung an Tagen, John Dark, Roman Rauch and Abby Lee Tee—will proffer interesting times and acoustic pleasures at trackside. As ever on Saturday, the after-party following the Klangwolke spectacle will be OK Night in the OK Center for Contemporary Art. And it’s back to POST CITY on Sunday for the Big Concert Night.

The Big Concert Night

For many years now The Big Concert Night is one of the very popular and unique elements of the festival program.

OK Night

OK Night includes a performance-studded tour of the CyberArts 2015 exhibition, numerous live and DJ sets, as well as the opportunity to take in one more session at Electronic Theatre and enjoy outstanding works..