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Future Catalysts Program at Ars Electronica 2015

for the development of the Post City Kit

Post City Kit is a toolkit of ideas, strategies, devices and prototypes for the city of the future. The city is – and will remain – a scene of a permanent human life and survival experiment. In condensed form here culture(s), social systems and economic and political policies of their time are coming to light.

Post City Kit

The city, it would appear, is humankind’s most successful survival strategy, and still our greatest social experiment. It is an ongoing process and site-specific creative system. In its form and unique character, each city represents collective bits of the local, social and political decisions made by people.

Humans have always tried to adapt emerging technologies for better life in cities and have invented new ideas, tools and systems for their cities. How could we citizens possibly shape the city? How can we design social interaction in an urban setting? And how can we enable citizens to participate and engage in urban issues?


The Post City Kit – Ideas, Strategies, Tools and Prototypes to Improve our Cities

Following its successful premiere at Ars Electronica 2014, this year the Future Catalysts Program is again setting out to explore new ways to do collective brainstorming and creative prototyping. Together with experienced partners and a group of outstanding artists and innovators from all over the world, the goal will be to develop a Post City Kit: Ideas, Strategies, Tools and Prototypes to improve our cities.




Post City Kit at 2015 Ars Electronica Festival


Post City Kit Exhibition

The Post City Kit Exhibition shows with numerous prototypes and project presentations possible development directions towards the urban habitats for the upcoming human generations. More…


Post City Kit Stamp Rallye

Immerse yourself in the festival, collect stamps and design your very own PostCity postcard! The stations along the Stamp Rallye course laid out through five different zones of POST CITY encourage consideration of the festival’s themes. More…


Future Innovators Summit

The Future Innovators Summit is a creative system which has been developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab and Hakuhodo and brings together inspiring artists, technologists, social activists and young entrepreneurs from all over the world. More…

Connected Intelligence Atelier

The Connected Intelligence Atelier has been developed by CTi – Culture and Technology International (Derrick de Kerckhove and Maria Pia Rossignaud) and is based on an international network of artists, academics and creative thinkers who join forces to find new ways and solutions. More…


Post City Kit Open Discussion

This session focuses on the Post City Kit all over the world. By inviting both creators and facilitators creating the Post City Kit into society together, this meeting aims to share and exchange ideas of the Post City Kit Initiative. More…

Future Catalyst Program

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