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The program of every Ars Electronica Festival is an extraordinary mix of diverse formats and features. Visitors can customize their own personal Ars Electronica itinerary by choosing from among a wide array of conferences, speeches, exhibitions, concerts, performances and interventions staged over five days (September 3-7, 2015). The featured venue of these artistic-scientific encounters is the former postal service distribution center at Linz’s main train station. Other locations include the Ars Electronica Center, the OK Center for Contemporary Art, the CENTRAL, Linz’s Main Square and Linz Art University.

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Festival Overview

THU Sept. 3, 2015: Opening Day

Thursday is Opening Day at the festival. Exhibitions kick off across the board. The program of lectures in PostCity gets a brightand-early start. The Ars Electronica Animation Festival lights up the screen in the Central, the former cinema on Landstraße. u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, the festival-within-a-festival for young people, opens its doors in Post City, where the opening event will be held Thursday evening.


FRI Sept. 4, 2015: Symposium Day

Friday is Symposium Day, and mobility—its many facets and modes—will be the first order of business: a spectacular R&D prototype of a self-driving car; high-tech prostheses; the mobility of data; and the mobility of millions of people leaving the land for life in the big city. The afternoon theme is the Smart City. Festivalgoers will critically scrutinize the current hot topic of all futuristic urban scenarios. The evening highlight is the awards ceremony honoring this year’s Prix Ars Electronica winners. The after-party will be a concert nightline in Post City.


SAT Sept. 5, 2015: Market Day

Saturday is Market Day at Ars Electronica. Two markets will open for business in Post City: Yami-Ichi, an internet flea market, and an organic farmers’ market. A marketplace of the best-and-brightest projects is the Prix Forum in the OK Center for Contemporary Art. Those singled out for recognition in the various categories will discuss their work. The Ars Electronica Center will host the 2nd Council of Europe Platform for Exchange on Culture and Digitization, discussing Policy Guidelines for the Digital Society. This year’s Klangwolke is the third lollapalooza to be produced by Hubert Lepka/Lawine Torrèn. Those seeking a rather more out-ofthe-ordinary way to call it a day should definitely consider attending OK Night.


SUN Sept. 6, 2015: Citizen Day

Sunday is Citizen Day at Post City. The centerpiece: citizen involvement projects designed to get locals to rethink Linz and to discover and develop new perspectives. And Part 3 of the theme symposium deals with the role of public spaces—both real and virtual ones—and their outgrowths that pose challenges to city planners and architects. Sunday’s highlight is Big Concert Night: electronic and digital music, audiovisual performances and installations throughout Post City and a big orchestra on the Rail Hall stage.


MON Sept. 7, 2015: Music Day

Monday is Music Day and a don’t-miss opportunity for all those interested in digital music and sound art to partake of up-close-and-personal encounters with artists and musicians on the festival lineup.


2014 Retrospective

Join us in taking a look back at the 2014 Ars Electronica Festival. Last year’s theme was “C… what it takes to change“. At ars.electronica.art/feature/en/festival2014 as well as on our Flickr account www.flickr.com/photos/arselectronica, we’ve assembled the best images from 2014. Or you can browse through the whole history of the Ars Electronica Festival since 1979 in our Festival Archive.

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(...) Linz, a pretty city perched on the banks of the Austrian Danube that hosts the annual Ars Electronica festival, a digital media event that has become a magnet for counter-cultural technologists from around the world.

Financial Times Online / 15.10.2014

(...) Today, Ars Electronica continues to anticipate. One can discover the very best of technology and artistic creation.

La Libre Online / 3.9.2014

Linz: Why go? (...) The recently upgraded Ars Electronica Center – a museum for the future – is a place to explore the interraction between people and the world around them, and encapsulates Linz’s reputation as an experimental, forward-looking city. Linz: When to go? Two of Linz’s biggest long-running annual events are the Ars Electronica festival in September, a series of exhibitions, performances and events focused on arts and science (...)

The Guardian / 2.3.2015

It’s the most buzzed about place in Linz. Everyone positively raves about Ars Electronica the futuristic waterside museum that explores the relationship between art, technology, and society.

CITY – Style and Living Magazine / 11.9.2014

For one week every September, things get a little weird in Linz, Austria, a picturesque, pastel city on the Danube. (...) This annual disturbance is the Ars Electronica Festival, one of the world’s premiere digital and media art fairs.

Science Friday / 25.9.2014

Zwischen Science Fiction, Medienkunst und Trendforschung schafft das Festival so vor allem einen lebendigen Austausch von Ideen und Menschen. Kunstfans, Techniknerds und Spielkinder treffen aufeinander und suchen eine gemeinsame Sprache, das große Staunen oder schlichtweg interaktive Unterhaltung.

Blog Frankfurter Stadtmuseum / 14.9.2014

This year’s Festival Ars Electronica, held in Linz, Austria, brought us a stunning aerial display of coordinated quadcopters, as part of Ars Electronica's Futurelab initiative.

Hypebeast Online / 23.9.2014

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