Events, Concerts, Performances

Concerts are a mainstay of every festival program. The highlight: The Big Concert Night during which orchestral music and digital sounds come out and jam with live electronics and visualizations.

Opening and Introduction Parcours

Kicking off the festival is an elaborate Opening and Introduction Parcours with Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica) presenting numerous projects and festival venues, and thus a perfect opportunity to get an overview and to meet & greet artists and curators.

The Big Concert Night

For many years now The Big Concert Night is one of the very popular and unique elements of the festival program.

Second Body

The concept of Second Body comes from the experience of driving cars. If I want to steer the wheel, to brake, to step on the gas, I don’t need to consciously think, yet the car can still go ahead, turn, and park at the correct spot according to my will.

Diaspora Maschine

The Diaspora Machine is dedicated to the phenomenon of scattering, diffusing, disseminating. The gigantic spiral packet chutes in the former Postal Service logistics center on the grounds of Linz’s main train station stand like a pre-modern mechanical signal warning of the diasporas.

OK Night

OK Night includes a performance-studded tour of the CyberArts 2015 exhibition, numerous live and DJ sets, as well as the opportunity to take in one more session at Electronic Theatre and enjoy outstanding works..


In an expansive aviary especially constructed for Höhenrausch 2015, a group of nineteen grey parrots and two Amazon parrots have taken up residence for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Music Monday – Presentations at OK

Theory makes the transition into practice in the form of an extended sound parcours over the course of which musicians and sound artists present their works and take the time to talk about what’s just been heard.

trains in A major/minor city

Beautiful acoustic regards from the POST CITY appear on the main square – in sound loops and ambient sounds by artist Peter Karrer (AT).

Music Monday – Lectures and Performances

A whole day full of music and sounds! Ars Electronica dedicates the last day of the Festival to sound installations. Lecture-performances offer deeper insights into the works of music and sound art that were presented over the last four days.

Big Robot Mk1

The Big Robot Project in the PhD program in Empowerment Informatics, University of Tsukuba, aims to develop the world’s largest robot in which a pilot can ride and move.


With the eMotionSpheres, Festo shows how several flying objects can move in a coordinated manner and within a defined space.

Internet Yami-Ichi

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Black Market) is a one day flea market which deals “Internet-ish” things, face-to-face, in actual space.

Connecting Cities: Deep City

Deep City is a data visualization experiment investigating the collective information that defines a city’s present and future.

Connecting Cities: blindage.

blindage. is the french word for a wall, a shield or an envelope, which protects what’s inside. The project focuses on the use of digital masks by contemporary human beings.

Connecting Cities: Flame

Flame wants to give the fire back to the people, to help them forge the tools of the new century, and to burn to the ground the institutions that restrain them, if necessary.

Farmers’ Market of the Future

Nutrition has to be organic! Lots of folks are convinced of this, especially the farmers who have gotten organized in a group named BIO AUSTRIA. Pretty much all the food and beverages offered to POSTCITY festivalgoers is organic too.

the sixth wave of mass extinction

the sixth wave of mass extinction aims at the amygdala of our post-modern societies both sonically and visually to unearth the potentially hidden unease, we all might harbor faced by the sixth wave of mass extinction.

Renaming Volksgarten

In conjunction with the 2015 Ars Electronica Festival, South African artists Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs are focusing on Volksgarten. Their “Renaming the City” project invites folks living in Linz to name a route on which lots of us love to stroll—the main promenade through Volksgarten.


You won’t find popcorn or a big silver screen in POST CITY Kino. What it does have is high-tech. The Zeiss VR One is the first and, at present, only virtual reality headset to combine a stylish contemporary design with world-class precision optics by Zeiss (DE).