Ars Electronica Animation Festival

The Ars Electronica Animation Festival screens a selection of the most outstanding animated works honored by the Prix Ars Electronica jury in recognition of their substantive and stylistic quality. This lineup impressively gets across how the genre itself has flourished of late and the extent to which it now pervades our everyday life. The CENTRAL on Landstraße in the heart of downtown Linz is the epicenter of media art in the form of multifaceted motion pictures. And for all those looking for a place to get their minds off worlds of imagery for a while, this is also a great spot to kick back and hang out. Download the Ars Electronica Animation Festival folder as PDF

Expanded Animation

Expanded Animation has become an extremely popular feature on the Ars Electronica Animation Festival lineup and a mainstay of the Ars Electronica Festival as a whole!

Interactive Station

Two web-based interactive winning works of Prix Ars Electronica 2015 – Computer Animation / Film / VFX category are exhibited at an interative station at the entrance of Central.