These events should not be missed during your visit of the Ars Electronica Festival, September 3 to 7, 2015!

Opening and Introduction Parcours

Kicking off the festival is an elaborate Opening and Introduction Parcours with Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica) presenting numerous projects and festival venues, and thus a perfect opportunity to get an overview and to meet & greet artists and curators.

POST CITY Symposium III: Post Public, Post Private

Both the public sphere as well as the private, personal sphere have changed fundamentally in recent decades—both online and offline. The process of change, which is far from complete, confronts city planners and architectural designers with a tremendous challenge.

POST CITY Symposium IV: Habitat 21

Just like the exhibition of the same name, the Habitat 21 symposium also focuses on various exemplary ways and means to successfully handle the challenges of the urbanization process in the 21st century.

Future Catalyst Program for the Development of the POST CITY Kit

Two programs will occupy the focal point of the Post City Kit activities in the context of the Future Catalyst Program – a toolkit of ideas, strategies, devices and prototypes for the city of the future: The Future Innovators Summit and the Connected Intelligence Atelier.

CyberArts 2015

Here’s a close-up look at the technical and aesthetic state of the art. The CyberArts 2015 exhibition is one of the highlights of the Ars Electronica Festival.

Post City Kit Exhibition

The Post City Kit Exhibition shows with numerous prototypes and project presentations possible development directions towards the urban habitats for the upcoming human generations.

The Big Concert Night

For many years now The Big Concert Night is one of the very popular and unique elements of the festival program.

Second Body

The concept of Second Body comes from the experience of driving cars. If I want to steer the wheel, to brake, to step on the gas, I don’t need to consciously think, yet the car can still go ahead, turn, and park at the correct spot according to my will.

Diaspora Maschine

The Diaspora Machine is dedicated to the phenomenon of scattering, diffusing, disseminating. The gigantic spiral packet chutes in the former Postal Service logistics center on the grounds of Linz’s main train station stand like a pre-modern mechanical signal warning of the diasporas.

F 015 Luxury in Motion

The F 015 not only represents the technical realization of autonomous driving. It also shows how self-driving cars are going to change our society as the automobile moves beyond its role as a means of transportation to become a mobile living space.

Internet Yami-Ichi

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Black Market) is a one day flea market which deals “Internet-ish” things, face-to-face, in actual space.

Farmers’ Market of the Future

Nutrition has to be organic! Lots of folks are convinced of this, especially the farmers who have gotten organized in a group named BIO AUSTRIA. Pretty much all the food and beverages offered to POSTCITY festivalgoers is organic too.