JP architektur perspektiven (AT)
THU September 3-MON September 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM all-day

Superscape is a biennial Austrian architectural prize launched in 2014. Its mission is to spotlight innovative, visionary architectural concepts for the interplay of private and public spaces in an urban context. This year’s competition called for brilliant ideas to dovetail the two spheres under two specific conditions: the setting: Vienna; the utility horizon: the next 50 years.

In All Sizes

The exhibition in PostCity showcases six designs that were shortlisted by the jury and then, at the invitation of JP architektur perspektiven, further developed by their creators. The spectrum ranges from small interventions in the public sphere to the development of elaborate, extensive new spatial structures.

Concept & project realisation: art:phalanx – Kunst & Kommunikationsagentur,
Initiator: JP Immobilien