the sixth wave of mass extinction

Chris Bruckmayr (AT), Dobrivoje Milijanovic (RS)
THU September 3, 2015, 10:20 PM-11 PM

Future visions of the Post City are often dark scenarios of polluted regions, full of people, vehicles, robots, and darkened architecture. Thus, artists, scientists, and researchers from all fields work hard to design the best possible future for Post Cities: perfectly smart environments.
In this plan of a Post City nature as wilderness is preserved on the outer skirts in small protected areas – and at the same time we are losing species every day through the scientifically proved accelerated modern human-induced “sixth wave of mass extinction”.

Species extinction and the city

In this performance, a sequel to last year’s Quadrature that announced something dark coming, raum.null reflect upon how this seemingly unnoticed loss of species affects city dwellers. the sixth wave of mass extinction aims at the amygdala of our post-modern societies both sonically and visually to unearth the potentially hidden unease, we all might harbor faced by the sixth wave of mass extinction.

Sound: Chris Bruckmayr (AT) & Dobrivoje Milijanovic (RS)) aka raum.null
Voice: Didi Bruckmayr (AT) aka Fuckhead
Visuals: Veronika Pauser (AT) aka VeroVisual, Peter Holzkorn (AT) aka voidsignal and Florian Berger (AT) aka Flockaroo
Producer: Claudia Schnugg (AT)