THU September 3 - MON September 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM
PostCity, part of the Post City Kit Exhibition

The Quasar series comprises of three sculptural helmets and interactive experiences, fifteen photographs and three VR screen captures. Each of the sculptural helmets houses a VR headset, which is connected to a PC. Quasar is the first part in this new series of works by FIELD, and describes the spirit of pioneering as three human archetypes—each with their own means of perception, rationale and communication. The project explores visions of a near future and what it will mean to be human.

Concept, Design + Direction: Marcus Wendt
Co-direction: Vera-Maria Glahn
Production: Maran Coates
Fabrication: Studio MakeCreate
Interaction Design: David Li, Tim Murray-Browne, Jonas Johansson
Sound + Music: Ben Lukas Boysen
Assistance: John Jones, Chris Corless, Matteo Zamagni
Models: Calvin How, Donja Rose, Emma Zang
Styling + Costume: Natalie Caroline Wilkins
Hair + Make-up: Elvis Schmoulianoff
Motion Direction: Marquez + Zangs