Connecting Cities: ESEL-Complain

Christoph Fraundorfer (AT), Florian Born (DE)
THU September 3-MON September 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM all-day
PostCity, Mobility District

There is a close connection between urban mobility and the quality of public spaces in cities. ESEL-Complain by Christoph Fraundorfer (AT) and Florian Born (DE) shows opportunities and the potential provided by the use of bicycles in public spaces. It connects two projects that try to make riding your bike in a city as pleasant as possible. Auto-Complain detects potholes by mounting your smartphone on the handlebar of your bike. These potholes are entered into an online database and marked with a spray can. myESEL develops bikes that can be adjusted to meet individual needs in the manufacturing process. This flexibility is the perfect opportunity to integrate the auto-complain system into a bike.

The Connecting Cities Research Residencies have been realized at the Ars Electronica Futurelab with the support of the Ars Electronica Residency Network.

Ars Electronica Blog

“What we have in common is that we regard cycling as a philosophy. Our mission with this project is to get people to realize how great cycling is.” Read more on the Ars Electronica Blog!

Connecting Cities is initiated by Public Art Lab in cooperation with Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz, Medialab-Prado Madrid, FACT Liverpool, Videospread Marseille, iMAL Brussels, Riga 2014, BIS Istanbul, m-cult Helsinki, Media Architecture Institute Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, in association with Aarhus University, Marseille-Provence 2013, MUTEK Montreal, Quartier des Spectacles Montreal, Foundation Bauhaus Dessau, Verve Cultural Sao Paulo, Federation Square Melbourne, xm:lab Saarbrücken, Sapporo Media Arts Lab, ETOPIA Zaragoza, The Concourse Sydney and 403 International Arts Center Wuhan.
With support of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union.

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