Ubiquitous Infoscapes. The participatory performance of the city

Salvatore Iaconesi (IT), Oriana Persico (IT)
THU September 3 - MON September 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM
PostCity, part of the Post City Kit Exhibition

Ubiquitous Infoscapes is an attempt by Salvatore Iaconesi (IT) and Oriana Persico (IT) to offset a shortcoming of this world’s informational democracy: every act performed by modern individuals potentially delivers raw material to Big Data, but it’s neither accessible nor usable by the providers themselves.

Ubiquitous Commons (UC) is an international research effort dedicated to the production of a legal and technological toolkit which enables individuals to express how they wish their data to be used.

Human Ecosystems with the The Real Time Museum of the City (RTMC) as its physical public space manifestation is a complex technological system for cities and a new space for artistic, cultural and creative performance, in which citizens are able to use the city’s infoscape—its informational landscape.