Listening Post

Robert Lippok (DE), Wolfgang Fuchs (AT)

LENTOS Kunstmuseum

Ars Electronica and the LENTOS Art Museum have been jointly presenting contemporary media art for years now. The 2015 show is Listening Post by musicians/sound artists Robert Lippok (DE) and Wolfgang Fuchs (AT). Their works on display in LENTOS’ reading room (Lippok) and main staircase (Fuchs) deal with auditory perception. The experiential horizon extends from the cityscape into the museum.

Sonospheric Experience

The point of departure of Robert Lippok’s composition was The River Flows and All Is Well by his band To Rococo Rot. Pina Bausch used this piece for her dance production Vollmond. Inspired by this work, Lippok conceived 10 sound miniatures for the LENTOS. Wolfgang Fuchs engenders a novel sonospheric experience. Methods used to listen to music in isolation or in private—wearing headphones, for instance—are thwarted by turning the volume way up.