Ianina Prudenko (UA)
THU September 3 - MON September 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM
POST CITY, Downtown

Mythogenesis embodies the observations of a new media researcher. Its purpose is a visual analysis of propaganda videos that have become a source of the mythogenesis process of the new Ukrainian hero. Seven videos were selected for visual analysis. Some of them were broadcast on TV, others are on the Internet. All videos are characterized by a high degree of pathos created by archetypes of Ukrainian culture, national symbols, exalted music, and even Soviet poetry from WWII.

Exceptional soldiers

The analysis data are presented as visualization in the exhibition space. According to the general results it can be concluded that the mass media-created image of a modern ATO (anti-terrorist operation) zone hero is predominantly male, mostly speaks Ukrainian, and is an exceptional soldier. The project was presented at the National Art Museum of Ukraine during the exhibition Heroes and gave rise to a heated debate, which proved that the process of the myth’s deconstruction—even during its formation — is a very painful process for the national community.

Visualization: Iryna Kostyshyna (UA), Kateryna Mokriak (UA), Alina Iakimenko (UA)

With the support of KULTURKONTAKT AUSTRIA – Artists in Residence Programme