iHome / personal home

THU Sept. 3.-MON Sept. 7, 2015, 10 AM-7 PM,
PostCity, Alleway Road

iHome / personal home is a multi-sensor adaptive living environment that employs mood management to adapt to the paradigm of people’s reception of music.
So-called sound-gestures act as communicative stimulants; they are intuitive forms of expression in unmediated, reciprocally configuring interaction of a person’s body with the environment. This paradigm is applied to light, odor and air currents for the purpose of inducing spaces conducive to certain moods. The iHome recognizes a particular individual’s mood on the basis of his/her gestures and body language, and adaptively learns from the respective behavioral changes to homeostatically optimize the individual’s state of arousal. iHome is thus an extension of the hedonistic body. It’s based on experiments in the field of gesture research performed at the University of Graz and on art-based research in the field of sound-gesture interaction and social sound design.