Myriads. The Polyphonic Performance of the City

Human Ecosystems, Ubiquitous Commons
THU Sept. 3-MON Sept. 7, 2015 10 AM-7 PM

Myriads of micro-histories in the city massively recombine, interfere, interact, interconnect, forming the life of the city in its continuous mutation, innovation and transgression. People constantly transgress, reprogramming spaces, time and relations, creating a level of tactical cultural biodiversity which can happen only in the dense urban environments, and which constitutes the wealth and richness of the city. The Myriads project created for Ars Electronica by Human Ecosystems and Ubiquitous Commons establishes a peer-to-peer ethnography of the city: a diffused participatory observation in which the myriads of public micro-histories of the daily life of the city will be captures, transformed into a commons, and performed through art, education, citizen engagement and tactical usage.

Artistic direction: Salvatore Iaconesi (IT), Oriana Persico (IT)

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