Wearable Studio Practice Workshop

Hannah Perner-Wilson (AT), Andrew Quitmeyer (US)
THU Sept. 3, 2015, 1 PM-3 PM
FRI Sept. 4, 2015, 1 PM-3 PM
SAT Sept. 5, 2015, 5 PM-6:30 PM (Practice Performance)
POST CITY, Fashion District

As part of the Wearable Studio Practice Exhibition, Hannah Perner-Wilson (AT) and Andrew Quitmeyer (US) open their mobile electronics lab for up to 10 participants at a time. Volunteers are made familiar with the equipment, tools, and wearable furniture comprising the mobile laboratory. Then the crew will use the studio to build functioning wearable electronics on location with each other. In parallel Perner-Wilson, Quitmeyer and their guests will also be testing and developing designs of this portable studio, while discussing its role in future visions of the city and the wilderness.