Interactive Station

Two web-based interactive winning works of Prix Ars Electronica 2015 – Computer Animation / Film / VFX category are exhibited at an interative station at the entrance of Central.

Do Not Touch
Moniker: Luna Maurer (DE), Jonathan Puckey (UK), Roel Wouters (NL)

Do not_1000x500
Do Not Touch is an ever-changing interactive music video for the track Kilo by the Dutch band Light Light which celebrates and laments the end of the cursor. For decades this inconspicuous arrow has been the essential interface allowing people to communicate with their computers. In recent years the cursor, along with the clicking and dragging necessary to operate the mouse, is being replaced by a finger swiping across a touchscreen. The Do Not Touch video starts with the message “Your cursor will be recorded” and invites users to participate by moving their cursor. They are asked to answer questions and to perform small tasks. Cursor movements are recorded and automatically uploaded to the video. While taking part, users see hundreds of cursors moving about in the background. These belong to others who have participated in the past. Together all the cursors form a swarm, displaying distinct behavioral patterns. A new video is rendered every hour displaying the cursors of the last 1,000 participants.

David OReilly (IE)

109645790437692847650 is a collection of absurdist short films, strewn across the internet as the meandering dreams of a dying AI.