TableTalks – u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Symposium

THU Sept. 3-MON Sept. 7, 2015, 3 PM-4 PM,

Forget about “Don’t talk while you’re eating!” A mealtime gathering is a great opportunity for discussions, storytelling and opening up about your latest project. Enthusiasm is encouraged. You’re even allowed to talk with your mouth full! TableTalks are this year’s discussion & symposium format at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD. Here’s where young people, Prix prizewinners, festivalgoers and artists, visionaries both young and old, and all those in search of a livable future and a decent meal can have their say and engage in the fine art of dinner-table conversation. About ideas, inventions and technology, arts & crafts; about individual takes on the issues the Festival is raising about the city and life in the future. So there’s no shortage of topics, and the Snack:Lab kitchen crew will see to it that diners have good things to say about the culinary quality of these TableTalks too.

THU Sept. 3, 2015 3 PM-4 PM “Future Mobility”
FRI Sept. 4, 2015 3 PM-4 PM “Future Citizens”
SAT Sept. 5, 2015 3 PM-4 PM “Future Music”
SUN Sept. 6, 2015 3 PM-4 PM “Future Resilience”
MON Sept. 7, 2015 3 PM-4 PM “Future Education”

Moderation: Karin Schmid