Collaborations between Technology and the Arts: How to participate in/ benefit from EC STARTS initiative?

FRI Sept. 4, 12:15 noon-1 PM
PostCity, FC-Platz 1

In 2016, the European Commission will launch the STARTS initiative to encourage cross-sectorial collaboration between Science,Technology, and the ARTS. STARTS is an acknowledgement of the increasing prominence of the Arts as a catalyst for innovation in research and technology. This Q&A session will answer practical questions on the scope of this EC technology initiative, how artists can participate in STARTS and how industry and technology could profit from STARTS to attract the creativity of artists to their work.

With Ralph Dum (European Commission), Philippe Gelin (European Commission), Luis Girao (PT)


Ralph Dum (AT) is senior expert at the European Commission. He is responsible to develop new research programmes.

He has recently initiated a programme on collaboration of industry and the Arts on innovation.