Shared Space Spaxels

Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT), Mercedes-Benz (DE)
FRI September 4-SUN September 6, 2015, 2 PM-3 PM
POST CITY, Mobility District

One of the key challenges of autonomous mobility is how we humans are going to communicate with the self-driving car of tomorrow. Will we use words, gestures or haptic interfaces to articulate what we need to express in the shared spaces in which our fellow motorists are machines? Interactive proving grounds have been developed as an approach to answering these questions.

Shared Space Spaxels lets people experience robotic mobility with the help of three quadcopters. In this sensor-equipped interaction space, Spaxels depict traffic situations and communicate with human beings in their vicinity by means of light signals or predefined airborne maneuvers.

Research & Concept:
Martina Mara, Christopher Lindinger, Roland Haring, Alexander Mankowsky

Design & Development:
Roland Haring, Peter Freudling, Peter Holzkorn, Andreas Jalsovec, Martin Mörth, Otto Naderer, Michael Platz, Erwin Reitböck