Music Monday – Presentations Parcours at POST CITY

MON Sept. 7, 2015, 12:30 noon-4 PM

A whole day full of music and sounds! Ars Electronica dedicates the last day of the Festival to sound installations. Lecture-performances offer deeper insights into the works of music and sound art that were presented over the last four days. Media artist/musicologist Werner Jauk (AT) opens the program with an introduction to PostCity sounds and post-sounds. In doing so, he scrutinizes soundscapes not only as natural phenomena but also as intentional compositions of event-spaces and thus considers the configuring relationships among movement, sound and space. Theory makes the transition into practice in the form of an extended sound parcours over the course of which musicians and sound artists present their works and take the time to talk about what’s just been heard.

Presentations Parcours at POST CITY

12:30 noon Diaspora Maschine by Peter Androsch (AT) and Anatol Bogendorfer (AT)
12:50 noon Monoid aka My new speaker by Robert Pravda (SK)
1:10 PM iHome / personal home by Werner Jauk (AT)
1:30 PM Perpetuum Choir by Chris Ludwig (DE) and Hans-Christian Merten (AT)
2 PM Virtual Visuals by Sound City Lab (u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD)
2:20 PM Pii by Nestor Lizalde (ES)
2:40 PM bell by Soichiro Mihara (JP)
3 PM Netz by Jens Vetter (DE)
3:20 PM LARD by Oliver Lehner (AT)

Moderation and Parcours Guides: Werner Jauk (AT), Manuela Naveau (AT)

Music Monday program

10 AM-12 noon Lectures and Performances at POST CITY, Train Hall
12:30 noon- 4 PM Presentations Parcours at POST CITY
4:30 PM-7 PM Presentations at OK
8 PM-9 PM Presentation at Hauptplatz