Farmers’ Market of the Future

BIO AUSTRIA Oberösterreich (AT)
SAT September 5, 2015
farmer's market: 10 AM-3 PM
information and discussion: 3 PM-5 PM
Post City, Spiral Falls

Nutrition has to be organic! Lots of folks are convinced of this, especially the farmers who have gotten organized in a group named BIO AUSTRIA. Pretty much all the food and beverages offered to POSTCITY festivalgoers is organic too. And that’s no contradiction; quite the contrary—that organic farming and gardening are also possible in the city, and can enhance city dwellers’ quality of life, are underscored by, among other manifestations, the many community gardens and food co-ops that urban consumers have set up to take a fresh new approach to going local for their food supply. Members are discovering the advantages of buying direct from foodstuff producers.

Direct from Organic Farms

In Upper Austria, where there are already 15 such consumer co-ops, those producers are often the members of BIO AUSTRIA. At the Farmers’ Market of the Future in PostCity from 10 AM to 3 PM, these farmers will be selling organic delicacies they’ve grown or produced themselves. This means of putting ideas into culinary practice will be accompanied by discussion & information events about organic production per se, solidarity-based agriculture, and innovative modes of local grocery shopping.

Supporting programme

SAT Sept. 5, 2015 11 AM-12 noon The Future is organic!
SAT Sept. 5, 2015 1 PM-2 PM Cook Pot instead of Dustbin
SAT Sept. 5, 2015 3 PM-4 PM Consumer-Producer-Cooperations