Deep Space 8K: Cinematic Rendering – in Medical Diagnostics and Virtual Anatomy

Dorin Comaniciu (Siemens Healthcare/US), Franz Fellner (Radiologieinstitut AKH Linz, Medizinische Gesellschaft Oberösterreich/AT), Walter Märzendorfer (Siemens Healthcare/DE)
SAT September 5, 2015, 2 PM-3 PM, SUN September 6, 2015, 10 AM-11 AM
Seat reservations are available 30 minutes before the start in the foyer of the museum.
Deep Space, Ars Electronica
Ars Electronica Center

Seeing makes for better understanding. Imaging procedures such as computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MRI) deliver realistic, extraordinarily detailed pictures of the interior of a patient’s body. This opens up new possibilities for medical education and the planning of surgical procedures, and also facilitates communication with referring physicians and patients.
On the basis of physical fundamentals, Siemens has developed an innovative rendering algorithm that provides superbly detailed, photorealistic images. Driven forward by progress in the animated film industry, new rendering techniques bring forth results that are increasingly realistic to say nothing of breathtakingly beautiful.

Siemens Healthcare GmbH Forchheim (DE).
Data courtesy of Savvas Nicolaou, M.D., Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).
Recorded with a Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash CT Scanner.
Rendering: Siemens Cinematic Renderer