sensing place/placing sense 3: improvising infrastructure

SAT Sept. 5, 2015, 2:30 PM-5:30 PM,
PostCity, FC-Platz 3

This year’s instance of the sensing place/placing sense series investigates the pockets of informality inside the formal urban systems that structure our daily lives. Not only in the megacities of the Global South, life is characterized by a constant struggle with infrastructure. The electricity grid, logistics and supply chains, telecommunication networks —every system that is centrally planned and managed from above always requires some level of improvisation and tinkering from below in order to make the system work for its users.

Dietmar Offenhuber, Katja Schechtner – Manila Improstructure
Gerald Gregori – Postal Services as a natural lifeline of cities — yesterday, today, tomorrow

Mark Shepard, Julian Oliver, Moritz Stefaner  – False Positive: on the Null Hypothesis