Error in Progress

The theme exhibition Error in Progress expresses the ambiguity of its title, which not only alludes to the processual nature of trial and error and the open dynamics of the imperfect, but also the question of the errors, mistakes and aberrations of our progress – politically, socially and technologically. From climate change to the aftermaths of warfare to the issue of distributive justice – humanity without a doubt faces numerous challenging problems, some more obvious than others, which require public awareness and creative ideas as well pragmatic solutions on both global and local scales.
Thus, the exhibition reflects the broad, increasing unease with current developments and presents artistic work as an effective way of reformulating problems, shifting perspectives and developing alternative concepts. Coping with societal errors is an ongoing process – a cross-generational, collective effort that asks for the individuals’ different qualities. Moreover, it seems to be an indicator for the openness of a society, as dealing with this kind of errors can either result in the division of people, or bring them together in a constructive manner.

Nani Gutiérrez (CL)

Acceder illustrates the communication between the different Chilean authorities during the earthquake and the tsunami that followed on February 27, 2010.

Marco Donnarumma (DE/IT)

Amygdala is an installation exploring the essence of humans' expectations and anxieties over artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

Risako Kawashima (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP)

In our work called Anima, we literally utilize our breath as an interface to activate a lighting system.

Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Gjino Šutić (HR)

aqua_forensic illuminates the invisible anthropogenic (pharmaceutical) chemical pollutants – residues of human consumption – “monsters” in the waters.

Aquatocene / subaquatic quest for serenity
Robertina Šebjanič (SI)

Aquatocene investigates the phenomenon of underwater noise pollution created by humankind in the seas and oceans’.

Anna Dumitriu (GB), Alex May (GB)

The project is based on new research about archaea (the oldest life-forms on Earth) combined with the latest innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Artificial Uterus
Haruo Usuda (JP), Matt Kemp (AU)

The present aim of this work is to bring to clinic a functioning life-support platform for infants born at the current border of viability.

Bottled Songs 3 & 4
Chloé Galibert-Laîné (FR), Kevin B. Lee (DE/US)

The Bottled Songs of Lost Children is a series of video letters investigating desire, power and terrorism in online and social media.

Ben G. Fodor (HU/AT)

In a darkened exhibition space, a black cube equipped with special glass-optics projects lines and points of carmine-red laser light onto the space’s walls.

Give my creation...Life!
OPN Studio – Susana Ballesteros (ES), Jano Montañés (ES)

Give my creation… Life! is based on the generation of energy through the heartbeat, with the aim of granting autonomy to a machine.

Dead Pixel
Friedrich Boell (DE)

The installation consists of eight panels of acrylic glass with iPhone displays which hang on a steel frame.

The Art of Deception
Isaac Monté (BE), Toby Kiers (US)

With this collection of 21 transformed hearts we explore how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation can be used as tools for the ultimate deception

Defective Apparatus
Roy Macdonald (CL)

This project takes the form of an interactive installation driven by a laser beam which interacts with the audience by bouncing on a number of computer-controlled mirrors in order to avoid people.

Ecocide in Indonesia
Forensic Architecture (UK)

The environment – whether built, natural, or the entanglement of the two – is not a neutral background against which violence unfolds. Its destruction is also not always the unintended “collateral damage” of attacks aimed at other things.

FrAgile 6 – Pahoehoe Beauty
Marjan Colletti (IT, AT, GB), Daniela Mitterberger (AT), Tiziano Derme (IT, AT), Georg Grasser (AT)

Fully robotically 3-D-printed, Pahoehoe is a landscape, a garden – a chimera of both natural and man-made materials, objects and species.

Cristóbal Cea Sánchez (CL)

Glorias uses 3-D-animation methods to develop an investigation of the symbolic significance of a particular event.

Heavenly Bodies
Bea Haines (UK)

Heavenly Bodies was created by using a Scanning Electron Microscope to visualize the detailed topography of the stones’ surface, transmuting them into objects of celestial beauty.

Infinite In-Between
Mojca Založnik (SI)

In the project Infinite In-Between the author discusses the intermediate field between objectified medical diagnosis and anomalies that avoid this enforced objectivity.

Industrial JP (JP)

INDUSTRIAL JP is a music label that creates and distributes musical compositions and music videos by re-editing video samplings of machine tools in operation and field recordings of sound in small factories located here and there in Japan.

Mare Clausum
Forensic Oceanography (CH/IT), Forensic Architecture (UK)

Forensic Oceanography and Forensic Architecture have investigated two cases central to this ongoing Mare Clausum research, The Iuventa and Sea Watch vs. Libyan Coast Guard

Tomoya Sasaki (JP), MHD Yamen Saraiji (SY)

MetaLimbs adds “new arms” that can be freely manipulated by strapping on two robotic arms.

Cod.Act (CH)

A long rubber tube, closed in a loop, is animated by contortions and undulations like an invertebrate body.

in the rain
Yuki Anai (JP), Hideaki Takahashi (JP)

Creating a rainfilled world, my “rainy world,” may help open the door to people’s pasts.

Real-time History
Foundland Collective – Lauren Alexander (ZA/NL), Ghalia Elsrakbi (SY/NL)

Foundland Collective reveals an on-going collection of social media evidence related to the conflict in Syria, sharing projects developed in 2012 and 2018.

Quayola (UK/IT)

Remains is an ongoing project focusing on nature and the tradition of landscape paintings.

SEER: Simulative Emotional Expression Robot
Takayuki Todo (JP)

SEER is a compact humanoid robot developed as results of deep research on gaze and human facial expression.

Self Reflected
Greg Dunn, Brian Edwards, Will Drinker

Self Reflected was created to remind us all that the most marvelous machine in the known universe is at the core of our being and is the root of our shared humanity.

Kathrin Stumreich (AT)

The focal point is a translucent flag; its movement choreography is controlled by complex robotics.

tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis
Navid Navab (CA/IR)

A sensorial installation that invites participants to intimately encounter the ontogenesis of vital patterns through the spontaneous formation of temporal textures that emerge from material-energy fields.

Triaxial Pillars II and Argos
Yunchul Kim (KR)

Particles, fluid, machines, other objects, and humans are interwoven in this work. It expands the spacetime of works, the reality of materials, materiality and even its meanings.

unearth / Paleo-Pacific
Shun Owada (JP)

unearth / Paleo-Pacific is a project that explores the fundamental elements of sound: the atmosphere and time.

the weight of light
Martin Hesselmeier (DE), Andreas Muxel (AT)

For the weight of light, dots of light appear to have mass, momentum and kinetic energy on physical paths.