Rethinking the Shared Space

Alexander Mankowsky (DE), Christopher Lindinger (AT)
FRI September 4-SUN September 6, 2015, 2 PM-3 PM
On Sunday the presentation takes place without Alexander Mankowsky.
POST CITY, Mobility District

Research on the future of mobility and it’s space — the “Shared Space” populated by human beings and intelligent cars — are a significant part in the context of discourse concerning the research vehicle F 015.

Alexander Mankowsky, Futures Studies & Ideation Daimler, and Christopher Lindinger, Director Research & Innovation in Ars Electronica Futurelab, highlight this topic and provide insight into the ongoing research partnership between Ars Electronica Futurelab and Mercedes-Benz in which outstanding experimental approaches with spaxels and robo platforms were elaborated.

Mercedes-Benz, Future Talk 2014
Shared Space Spaxels lets people experience robotic mobility with the help of three quadcopters. In this sensor-equipped interaction space, Spaxels depict traffic situations and communicate with human beings in their vicinity by means of light signals or predefined airborne maneuvers.
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive Experience 2015 San Francisco
In Shared Space Bots, specially developed robots are the protagonists of experiments in human-automobile interaction. Each of the robots can be augmented with projections onto the space’s floor, whereby various LED elements enable the bots to communicate their current state, intentions, etc.