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CODE—the Language of Our Time 'Gerfried Stocker Gerfried Stocker
Code oder wie sich etwas anders schreiben lässt 'Friedrich Kittler Friedrich Kittler
Seven Ways in Which Code Equals Law (And One in Which It Does Not) 'Cindy Cohn Cindy Cohn  /  'James Grimmelmann James Grimmelmann
The Meaning of Code 'Peter J. Bentley Peter J. Bentley
The Battle over Control of Code is a Battle over Freedom 'Howard Rheingold Howard Rheingold
Meditations on Trusted Computing 'Fred von Lohmann Fred von Lohmann
Towards a Society of Control? ' Radio FRO Radio FRO  /  'Otto Leopold Tremetzberger Otto Leopold Tremetzberger
Protocol and Counter-Protocol 'Alexander R. Galloway Alexander R. Galloway  /  'Eugene Thacker Eugene Thacker
The Birth of MacroMind 'Marc Canter Marc Canter
Some Code to Die for 'Leo Findeisen Leo Findeisen
Towards a Language of Collective Intelligence 'Pierre Lévy Pierre Lévy
Exe.cut[up]able statements: The Insistence of Code 'Florian Cramer Florian Cramer
WEB STALKER SEEK AARON 'Erkki Huhtamo Erkki Huhtamo
Public CulturalProduction Art(Software){ 'Christiane Paul Christiane Paul
The Universal Datawork 'Richard Kriesche Richard Kriesche
datawork: man 'Richard Kriesche Richard Kriesche
Epigenetic Art Revisited: Software as Genotype 'Roman Verostko Roman Verostko
The Infinite Loop 'John Maeda John Maeda
Programming Media 'Casey Reas Casey Reas
Tissue 'Casey Reas Casey Reas
MicroImage 'Casey Reas Casey Reas
Visually Deconstructing Code 'Benjamin Fry Benjamin Fry
electrolobby | Virus in Fur
Processing 'Casey Reas Casey Reas  /  'Benjamin Fry Benjamin Fry
bitforms gallery 'Steve Sacks Steve Sacks
Trash Mirror 'Daniel Rozin Daniel Rozin
CODeDOC II 'Christiane Paul Christiane Paul
Prix Ars Electronica 2003
From the Poesy of Programming to Research as an Art Form 'Christa Sommerer Christa Sommerer  /  'Laurent Mignonneau Laurent Mignonneau
Mobile Feelings 'Christa Sommerer Christa Sommerer  /  'Laurent Mignonneau Laurent Mignonneau
A Few Quick Notes on Opportunities and Pitfalls of the Application of Computers in Art and Music 'James McCartney James McCartney
Design Noir 'Fiona Raby Fiona Raby
Printing Out Buildings 'Oliver Fritz Oliver Fritz
Code and Music: Technology and Creativity in Composing 'Jonathan Norton Jonathan Norton
Pixelspaces 2003 'Horst Hörtner Horst Hörtner  /  'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher
DAMPF Lab 'Scott DeLahunta Scott DeLahunta
Open Source Choreography? 'Scott DeLahunta Scott DeLahunta
Messa di Voce 'Jaap Blonk Jaap Blonk  /  'Joan La Barbara Joan La Barbara  /  ' Tmema Tmema
POL. A Mechatronic Show 'Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca
Gulliver’s Box 'Adrian David Cheok Adrian David Cheok  /  'Hirokazu Kato Hirokazu Kato  /  ' Ars Electronica Futurelab Ars Electronica Futurelab
Key Grip 'Justin Manor Justin Manor
co.in.cide—The Third Place 'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher  /  ' x-space x-space
Colophony Circuit 'Mia Zabelka Mia Zabelka  /  ' Electric Indigo Electric Indigo
386 dx 'Alexej Shulgin Alexej Shulgin
Principles of Indeterminism 'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher
Geste Electronique 'Gerda Palmetshofer Gerda Palmetshofer
Fluid Neon Bright Shadows: The Music of Iannis Xenakis 'Don P. Miller Don P. Miller
REMIX OF THE REMIXES 'Naut Humon Naut Humon
Floating Points in the OMV Klangpark
KoanEarly History 'Tim Cole Tim Cole
Floating Points—Dark Symphony 'Tim Mark Didymus Tim Mark Didymus
How Code Made its Way into My Music 'Antye Greie Antye Greie
Media | Art | Education 'Giaco Schiesser Giaco Schiesser
Media | Art | Education 'Cecilia Hausheer Cecilia Hausheer
Teleklettergarten ' Gruppe FOK Gruppe FOK
»digital sparks«—Crowning Outstanding Student Media Projects
Japanese Animation ACA Media Arts Festival
NOT TO SCALE ' Kunst Raum Goethestraße Kunst Raum Goethestraße  /  'Herman Chong Herman Chong  /  'Isabelle Cornaro Isabelle Cornaro  /  'Daniel Kluge Daniel Kluge
24! 'Norbert Pfaffenbichler Norbert Pfaffenbichler  /  'Michael Aschauer Michael Aschauer  /  'Lotte Schreiber Lotte Schreiber
Music Creatures 'Marc Downie Marc Downie
Elevated Space 'Thomas Lorenz Thomas Lorenz
Networked Portrait 'John Gerrard John Gerrard
Social Mobiles 'Crispin Jones Crispin Jones  /  ' IDEO IDEO
Audiopad 'James Patten James Patten  /  'Ben Recht Ben Recht
Ars Electronica Center Exhibition
Little Red MR 'Kenji Iguchi Kenji Iguchi  /  'Tomoki Saso Tomoki Saso
Protrude, Flow 'Sachiko Kodama Sachiko Kodama  /  'Minako Takeno Minako Takeno
Uzume 'Roland Blach Roland Blach  /  'Petra Gemeinböck Petra Gemeinböck  /  'Nicolaj Kirisits Nicolaj Kirisits
CITYCLUSTER 'Franz Fischnaller Franz Fischnaller
raum.art 'A. Benjamin Spaeth A. Benjamin Spaeth
Humphrey 'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher
Interfacelifting 'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher