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Gulliver's Box
Goodbye Privacy 'Gerfried Stocker Gerfried Stocker  /  'Christine Schöpf Christine Schöpf
We Guide You
Goodbye Privacy! - Welcome Publicity? 'Armin Medosch Armin Medosch  /  'Ina Zwerger Ina Zwerger
The Value of Privacy 'Beate Rössler Beate Rössler
Privacy in Context 'Helen Nissenbaum Helen Nissenbaum
Privacy Issues 'Shu-Min Lin Shu-Min Lin
The End of Privacy? 'David Lyon David Lyon
Signals, Statistics and Social Experiments 'Brian Holmes Brian Holmes
Faceless: Chasing the Data Shadow 'Manu Luksch Manu Luksch  /  'Mukul Patel Mukul Patel
The Right to Privacy 2.0 'Rikke Frank Jørgensen Rikke Frank Jørgensen
Data Retention, Surveillance Interfaces and Death 'Erich Moechel Erich Moechel
On the Future of Law in the Information Society 'Viktor Mayer-Schönberger Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Digital Identity - Bug or Feature of Web 2.0? 'Ralf Bendrath Ralf Bendrath
Our New Public Life, 2.0 'Felix Stalder Felix Stalder
Mongrel Methods ' Mongrel Mongrel
Piracy, Privacy and Tought Control ' Jaromil Jaromil
Public Space, Private Security and Strategic Communication 'Konrad Becker Konrad Becker
Prix Ars Electronica • Cyberarts 99
Delighted by the Spectacle 'Francesca da Rimini Francesca da Rimini
Copyright Instead of Data Protection 'Volker Grassmuck Volker Grassmuck
Fair Music 'Peter Rantasa Peter Rantasa
Diversity of Cultures vs. Unitary Culture in the Global Village 'Margit Niederhuber Margit Niederhuber  /  'Eva Trötzmüller Eva Trötzmüller
Goodbye FM/AM 'Michael Schweiger Michael Schweiger  /  'Sandra Hochholzer Sandra Hochholzer
Closeness vs. Dislocation 'Gunther Reisinger Gunther Reisinger
Situational Awareness 'Marko Peljhan Marko Peljhan
Pixelhotel ' Pixelhotel Association for Re-Urbanization and Urban Renewal Pixelhotel Association for Re-Urbanization and Urban Renewal
In Your Hands 'Dash Macdonald Dash Macdonald
The Mobile Ö1 Atelier
Street Training 'Lottie Child Lottie Child
Second City 'Aram Bartholl Aram Bartholl
Experience of World of Warcraft 'Joichi Ito Joichi Ito
Online Games 'Andreas Lange Andreas Lange
Bastard Spaces 'Stephan Doesinger Stephan Doesinger
The Projects 'Dietmar Offenhuber Dietmar Offenhuber  /  'Drew Harry Drew Harry
Synthetic Performances ' Eva and Franco Mattes Eva and Franco Mattes
Second Life Stereoscopic VR Environment ' Ars Electronica Futurelab Ars Electronica Futurelab
Second Krebs™ ' Institute for Expanded Art Institute for Expanded Art
HAVIDOL™ 'Justine Cooper Justine Cooper
Terminal Air ' The Institute for Applied Autonomy The Institute for Applied Autonomy  /  'Trevor Paglen Trevor Paglen
SUNDAY files 'Nik Thoenen Nik Thoenen  /  'Maia Gusberti Maia Gusberti
The Invisible Camp 'christoph mayer chm. christoph mayer chm.
L.A.S.E.R. Tag ' Graffiti Research Lab Graffiti Research Lab
SPY KITING ' Mediashed.org Mediashed.org
md4-200 Drone
OVERTURES Environmental Office
self-portrait with webcam 'Josef Klammer Josef Klammer
Trail 'Hiraki Sawa Hiraki Sawa
Pedestrian 'Paul Kaiser Paul Kaiser  /  'Shelley Eshkar Shelley Eshkar
Arrival 'Paul Kaiser Paul Kaiser  /  'Shelley Eshkar Shelley Eshkar
Vacant Space 'Janek Schaefer Janek Schaefer
Augmented Sculpture v. 1.2 'Pablo Valbuena Pablo Valbuena
Arabesque 'Peter William Holden Peter William Holden
AutoGene 'Peter William Holden Peter William Holden
Dr. Whippy 'Demitrios Kargotis Demitrios Kargotis
Pixelspaces 2007: Onfield
Digital Pheromones ' Ars Electronica Futurelab Ars Electronica Futurelab
Code of Creativity ' Ars Electronica Futurelab Ars Electronica Futurelab
Flow of Qi ' ITRI Creativity Lab ITRI Creativity Lab
more than memories
FEED 'Kurt Hentschläger Kurt Hentschläger
Perfect Strangers
Klangpark 2007
IMA salon #7 07 'Elisabeth Schimana Elisabeth Schimana
Siren 'Ray Lee Ray Lee
Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2007
Acting in Utopia 'Martin Hochleitner Martin Hochleitner  /  'Dieter Buchhart Dieter Buchhart  /  'Anna Karina Hofbauer Anna Karina Hofbauer
acar2 'Mischa Schaub Mischa Schaub
Events to be Staged in Conjuntion with Campus 2.0 'Mischa Schaub Mischa Schaub
The Berlin University of the Arts
University of Art and Industrial Design Linz 'Christa Sommerer Christa Sommerer  /  'Laurent Mignonneau Laurent Mignonneau
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Nordwestschweiz / HGK FHNW 'Andy Ahanassoglou Andy Ahanassoglou
FH Potsdam - Interface Design
FABRIQUE. 'Katarina Dubravcova Katarina Dubravcova  /  'Christelle Chalumeaux Christelle Chalumeaux  /  'Claude Valentin Claude Valentin
Fashionable Technology
KISD - Köln
Senones dans les Vosges & acar2
My Museum - Your Museum 'Nicoletta Blacher Nicoletta Blacher
bubble cosmos ' b.c.p. b.c.p.
s.h.e. 'Nataša Teofilovic Nataša Teofilovic
Spacequatica ' The Sancho Plan The Sancho Plan
hanahana 'Kyoko Kunoh Kyoko Kunoh  /  'Motoshi Chikamori Motoshi Chikamori  /  'Kakehi Yasuaki Kakehi Yasuaki
chic-o-mat 'Kate Burgener Kate Burgener  /  'Juerg Luedi Juerg Luedi  /  'Michael Nussbaum Michael Nussbaum
SaveYourSelf!!! 'Junji Watanabe Junji Watanabe  /  'Hideyuki Ando Hideyuki Ando  /  'Tomofumi Yoshida Tomofumi Yoshida
Phantasm 'Takahiro Matsuo Takahiro Matsuo
Diorama Table 'Keiko Takahashi Keiko Takahashi
Ene-geometrix 'Masato Sekine Masato Sekine
Slot Machine Drawing 'Eisuke Kusachi Eisuke Kusachi  /  'Junji Watanabe Junji Watanabe
Roermond-Ecke-Schönhauser 'Markus Kison Markus Kison
Prix Ars Electronica 2007