THU Sept. 6 – SUN Sept. 9, 2018, 10 AM – 7:30 PM
MON Sept. 10, 2018, 10 AM – 6 PM

This year’s CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival invites you to experiment again: Unusual, new and quite crazy things await you in numerous open labs and exhibitions in POSTCITY Linz. Impressions, ideas and projects from all over the world can be tested here again – for 5 days you can discover and shape the future. Admission free!

2 + 2 = 5. That’s definitely wrong, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the definition of mistakes in our lives is a delicate matter: many clever minds have already tried to answer the question: What is right or wrong? Ultimately, however, you decide yourself where the threshold value of these two opposites lies. As is well known, we learn for life – in order to be able to make our existence as productive and varied as possible – and also to develop, invent and discover new technologies from it. The learning platform u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD not only allows these mistakes, but invites you to make them – In this respect, this year’s motto is: Try it out, discover something new, invent the future and yes, make mistakes!

the postdictionary as a living experience: food culture experiments

Exploration space @ ACDH-ÖAW focuses on experimentation and open innovation.

The Future of Helping

First-responder organizations have a mission that society has defined in unmistakable terms: Be prepared for emergencies and catastrophes. Continuing to live up to this responsibility in the future calls for simulating scenarios that clarify the concrete challenges on which preparation has to focus.

Young Animations

Gifted young filmmakers annually submit their witty, off-beat, subtle, tragic and dead-serious works for prize consideration to the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 — CREATE YOUR WORLD category (AT), bugnplay. ch (CH), mb21 (DE) and C3<19 (HU). The greatest hits are featured in Young Animations.

Fire Truck

Approximately two years ago, three innovative Upper Austrian companies joined forces on the initiative of the company fire brigade LINZ AG with the aim of implementing a completely new vehicle and thus following a common vision.

Smart Bees

As part of a pilot project, LINZ AG has been carrying out a test run at Pöstlingberg - where 17 beehives are located - since summer 2017. The newly developed beehive scale with LoRaWAN transmission technology is to contribute to securing the bee's survival in the future.

Think Your Product

The initiative Think Your Product teaches students entrepreneurial thinking and creativity in coming up with product ideas and starting a new company as a first step of a potential career path.

Zeitkapsel – Remembering Visions of the Future

Who was I? Who were you five years ago? The time capsule contains snapshots of past days, waiting to be awakened again.

Error: falsch gedacht

The experimental show makes effects comprehensible not only to children. It shows that we simply misconceive many things.


At the u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival, a laser cutter will be presented which invites visitors to engrave, cut and design.


As a creative project at the end of the school year 2016/2017, students at GRg3, Hagenmüllergasse, 1030 Wien were asked to design their city of the future.

Leonie - der Avatar der HTL Leonding

A fictional character - Leonie – provides visitors with information through natural spoken language, Leonie - the Avatar is a pilot project of students of the secondary school HTL Leonding.

dynamic bar chart

The developed idea combines the presentation of data with physical components.


Errors on construction sites can often have life-threatening consequences - whether due to human error or technical malfunctions - safety precautions are more important than ever.

Ableton Live Education

This project focuses on how music programming can be integrated even more easily into existing music communication formats.


Als Kooperation zwischen u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD und dem Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel wurde heuer erstmals ein Beitrag von Ars Electronica mit in das Programm der Kinderklangwolke aufgenommen.

Composing LAB – music in progress

Traditional composition and modern music programming: Aren't these two completely contrary approaches? Not if Larissa Schwaiger, a young composer from Steyr (Upper Austria) is involved.

(no) great future

The future as a pointedly dystopian scenario—social media, fake news, performance pressure and bullying necessitate putting our thinking and behavior under a sort of glass dome in which we’re apparently no longer able recognize reality any more.


How will television as a media format develop from here? Could it be that, in the future, there’ll be no regularly scheduled programming at all anymore, and maybe it will be completely replaced by on-demand streaming services?

The Error City – We’re Building the City of the Future

Error City isn’t just a conceptual model; it’s built of cartons and can be modified at will by the developers.


An insane adventure story combined with numerous illustrations and animations allows visitors of the website to immerse themselves in the world of physics - without fear of incomprehensible formulas and tests.


With the modern outer body made of wood, the duo focuses on high quality and durability with regard to the insulation and the materials used.


iZiach is designed to record the tablature of the accordion.

u19 Ceremony

The highlight of the CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival is actually the u19 Ceremony at which the 16 projects singled out for recognition are publically honored in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Exhibition u19 Malta Projects

Within the framework of the European Capital of Culture, the designated cities respectively present a separate u19 Award, similar to the format of the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 category. This involvement of children and adolescents is increasingly important in terms of sustainability and urban development.

Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: FreeHour

The main premise of the app FreeHour is that students are able to add friends, share their timetable and find mutual time that they are both available to meet in to hang out, grab a bite or study.

Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: Astrobot

Inspired by Mars-Rover, the two young artists developed a robot.

Exhibition u19 Malta Projects: Musical Weather Station

This project turns a data stream into a visual and auditory experience, in this case, data from humidity, air pressure and temperature sensors.

Fort Thunder

Fort Thunder is a touch play synthesizer built into a play fort that generates a startling array of electronic noise as bodies inside connect the 22 stainless steel poles, and themselves, in different combinations.

Glockenspiel 4.0 / Der unsichtbare Musiker

With Glockenspiel 4.0, boundaries between the virtual and the physical world become blurred.

VERNER - Versatile Nature Exploration Rover

VERNER consists of a handmade carbon-fiber chassis, six wheels and four motors.


Here we go: In the u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD area you can glide down a slide!

Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind turns building and coding real functioning robots into a child's play.

FM4 Spielekammerl: Let's Play!
FM4 (AT)

The ORF–Austrian Broadcasting Company’s weekly computer gaming show on radio station FM4 is a colorful, upbeat, four-hour live stream.

# Do it your Selfie

Glitch – Selfie – Hacking - Error? Studierende der Bildnerischen Erziehung der Kunstuniversität Linz und FestivalbesucherInnen spielen mit analogen und digitalen Zugängen zur Fotografie zwischen Selbstinszenierung und Bildstörung. Statt

Jugend Hackt ZONE

Jugend Hackt (en: Youth Hacks) displays real-world ways and means of dealing with errors.

Global Sounds

Global Sounds is an interactive light and sound installation which consists of a series of seven pyramids made from acrylic glass and alluding to multicultural richness brought to Europe through migrants.


As part of the cooperation with Upper Austria Tourism, another young project group from the pool of Prix Ars Electronica submitters was commissioned with a project for tomorrow's tourism.

CoderDojo: programming for kids

Children can program their own computer game at CoderDojo. The complexity of the game can be adapted to the child's previous knowledge.


The Blinkenrocket project is 100% open source and enables users to explore many different aspects of the STEAM fields.

Glitch Painter

A g.Nautilus EEG cap and specially programmed software enable players to intervene in an image using only their brain waves.


Animaker is an interactive installation that breaks down the boundary between the virtual and physical worlds.

Surface X

Surface X captures the very moment when our digital and our physical identities collide and merge into the real us. At this moment, it becomes impossible to keep the perfect surface intact. It cracks and folds and our true self is revealed.

ZusammenHelfen Conference: Day of Encouragement

This is the fourth consecutive year that ZusammenHelfen–Working Together in Upper Austria for Refugees is hosting a conference for all those who are committed to and interested in helping people forced to flee, or are affected by refugees and integration.

Collective Smart TV

The youth exchange project is a workshop that takes place with international groups of students in POSTCITY over the entire festival period. This year's youth exchange project "Collective Smart TV" questions the formats and limits of traditional, old-fashioned TV.

STARTS Open Lab: MagicShifter
Philipp Tiefenbacher (AT), Jay Vaughan (AU), Tom Peak (AT), Jascha Ehrenreich (AT), Philipp Poten (AT), Florian Bittner (AT), Metalab (AT)

MagicShifter is an open source magic flashlight.

Levers & Buttons
Lorenz Gonsa (AT), Martin Hatler (AT), Samuel Stallybrass (AT), Vincent Thierry (AT)

Levers & Buttons is an asymmetric cooperative virtual reality & video game. The focus is on communication between players in a two-dimensional space and players in virtual reality.

Generation Y

Generation Y is a multi-player board game about digitization’s downside. Its target audience is young people age 14 and up; its focus is on the digitization process’ inexorable advance.

Smart CUP

Smart CUP is a device reminding its users to consume a sufficient amount of liquids. The device is a universally implementable technical solution to determine the quantity of liquid in glasses, cups, mugs, or bottles.


Dementia can be dangerous: for the person suffering from it and for their relatives and caregivers. A smart sock can help! – Maladidea, an intelligent sock, provides help to dementia sufferers and their caregivers.


The FotoFlex cell is a completely new development that, thanks to its low production costs, can make environmentally friendly electricity affordable and attractive for all humankind. This could be called a textile form of climate protection for everybody!

Das Schallkraftwerk

Das Schallkraftwerk (en: The Sound Power Plant) is a thought experiment on the subject of "alternative energy". In sound engineering lessons, students learn, amongst other things, that dynamic microphones generate electricity. Thereupon, a student asked, "Can I charge my phone with it?" An interesting question! In their film, the students explore this question. 


The coming-of-Age film NO FACE EMOJI deals with Teenagers’ Identities in a risky but impressive way. 


Icarus_thegame is digital education game dealing with artificial intelligence and the dangers of social media, aimed at 10 – 15 year olds.

Max in Gefahr

Max in Gefahr is an animated film, produced by students of VS Kindermanngasse in cooperation with MUKATO.


//movingshapes; is a media installation that transforms body movements into digital art and thus offers an interactive, generative design possibility.

out of tune

out of tune is a web project that offers new possibilities to discover new music. The user can click through myriads of genres and music artists to explore the depths and heights of the musical spectrum in a new and innovative way.


schuldICH? is a audio drama – underlined by own acoustic material – which pupils produced as part of the audio lessons at the local wine school in Graz.

Good night, Mary

The stop-motion film Good night, Mary is the account of a nightmare. Parts of the film were made with cut-out paper figures, others were done with chalk on chalkboard coating.

Solares Kühlen für Nicaragua

The project of the three mechatronics students deals with alternative cooling systems for their partner school in Nicaragua.

Pounding Heart

The project Pounding Heart desires to bring more art into our lives through the fusion of aesthetics and science and thus, to create something appropriate for public and private spaces. 

Rise to the Future

The earth is deserted. Robots were left behind. Humanity lives on Mars. Rise to the Future tells the story of two agents travelling into the future.

Challenge: Emergency Error Battle
Oö. Landes-Feuerwehrverband (AT), Rosenbauer International AG (AT), Ars Electronica (AT), g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT)

In the Emergency Error Battle, voluteer fire brigades from Upper Austria will face challenges of the future. How can new technologies provide support for an existing and functioning team structure? And can natural human intuition be replaced by artificial intelligence?

Prospects for Political Education Symposium

Is the world coming unhinged? Do young people see things that way too? Does the younger generation have answers to questions that aren’t even formulated the way they would have put it? Does peer education constitute the key to self-empowerment that opens the door for young people to assuming responsibility, making a commitment and a mark on society—in impudent, courageous and demanding terms?

Korinna Lindinger (AT), Romedius Weiss (AT), Michael Hackl (AT), Andreas Pils (AT); Ars Electronica (AT)

According to Japanese tradition, a Hebocon is a sumo fight for low-tech robots and a wrestling match of the technical dilletans.

Music Education Day

This event is an outgrowth of Music Summit, a working group formed at the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival; now, one year later, they’ve put together a program for musicians, teachers and musicologists.

Kids Drone Parcours

Become a pilot and get to know the quadrocopters equipped with several rotors. Show your skills on tricky flights where obstacles get in your way.

Tagtool Community Showcase

For over 10 years now, building façades and stage sets worldwide have been illuminated with spontaneous images rendered and animated live.

Tagtool in Deep Space 8K

For over 10 years now, building façades and stage sets worldwide have been illuminated with spontaneous images rendered and animated live.

Stereonarrativity - The idea & merk|würdig screening

merk|würdig is the first stereonarrative film - a novel use of modern cinema technology that enables the audience as a group to experience the story in an immersive way, so that the social component of cinema is revived.

Expert Tour: u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD

Who decides what the next generation will be like in 20 years? Which technologies will we develop? Which artistic idea can be of use to us? u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD PRIX 2018.