Center-Artists &
Apollo 13 (Museumslift)
Ars Electronica on Demand (Virtual Reality)
CAVE (Virtuelle Welten)
Crayoland (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Cyberdeck (Center - ZG)
Electronic Classroom (Knowledge Net)
GIS—Geographic Information System (Cyber City)
Greek Temple (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Humphrey (Cyberdeck)
Infomats (Login Gateway)
Knowledge Net (Center - 2. OG)
Learnstation (Knowledge Net)
Login Gateway (Center - EG)
MCE Turbine (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Mediathek (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
OORT – continuum (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
SimLinz (Cyber City)
SKY Media Loft (Center - 3. OG)
TeleGarden (Login Gateway)
TeleZone (Login Gateway)
The Visible Human (Museumslift)
Virtual Reality (Center - 1. UG)
Virtual Reality Museum Vandalism (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Worldbeat (Knowledge Net)
Bindermichl (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Corps et Graphie (Virtual Reality)
Fronius Virtual Welding (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Learning Robots (Knowledge Net)
Line for Line (Knowledge Net)
Multi Mega Book in the CAVE (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Siemens Collaborative Working Environment (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
The Tables Turned (Knowledge Net)
Virtual Audio (Virtual Reality)
What Will Remain of These (Cyber City)
Work in Progress (Virtual Reality)
World Skin (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Ground Truth (Cyber City)
IAMASCOPE (Virtual Reality)
Mitologies (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Post Pet (Knowledge Net)
Processing Image (Virtual Reality)
Revolving Black Hole (Virtual Reality)
The Thing Growing (Virtual Reality)
The Wittmann Project (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Web Hopper (Knowledge Net)
Anomalocaris (Virtual Reality)
Cave (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Cyber City (Center - 1. OG)
Digital Fukuwarai (Cyber City)
I Met-a-Morph (Cyber City)
Immersa-Desk (Cyber City)
in/outSite (Cyber City)
Lentos Visualization (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Liquid Meditation (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Motion Picture (Virtual Reality)
Netsound (Login Gateway)
NOMADS (Cyber City)
Nuzzle Afar (Knowledge Net)
Pane Writer (Login Gateway)
Promenade (Cyber City)
Sinus Object (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
solarCity (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
The Bush Soul (Cyber City)
Touchscreen (Virtual Reality)
Traces (Virtual Reality)
Videoplace (Cyber City)
Virtual Touch (Virtual Reality)
Active Text Project (Print on Screen)
Ahead of Time (Virtual Reality)
Alphabet Zoo/Type Me Again (Print on Screen)
An Interactive Poetic Garden (Print on Screen)
Architec Tours (Cyber City)
BeNowHere Interactive (Knowledge Net)
Dakadaka (Print on Screen)
Face à Face (Virtual Reality)
Letters of BIT (Print on Screen)
Life Spacies II (Print on Screen)
Mars Rover (Knowledge Net)
Print on Screen (Center - 1. OG)
Small Fish (Virtual Reality)
Talmud Project (Virtual Reality)
TextRain (Print on Screen)
The Five Reactive Books (Print on Screen)
Tug of War (Virtual Reality)
VAI Training Simulator (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Zeitgenossen – Binary Art Site (Print on Screen)
Apartment (Virtual Reality)
Audiovisual Environment Suite (Get in Touch)
ClearBoard (Get in Touch)
curlybot (Get in Touch)
Future Office Project (Get in Touch)
Get in Touch (Center - 2. OG)
I.L.V.O. – Santo Stino (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
inTouch (Get in Touch)
Linz in Retrospect (Get in Touch)
MusicBottles (Get in Touch)
Oskar (Virtual Reality)
Pegblocks (Get in Touch)
Phantom (Robolab)
PingPongPlus (Get in Touch)
Pinwheels (Login Gateway)
Running Text (Get in Touch)
The Responsive Window (Virtual Reality)
Triangles (Get in Touch)
Urp (Get in Touch)
Valence (Print on Screen)
Via Donau (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
While you were here (Login Gateway)
Aussichtsposten (Hidden Worlds)
Carnivore (Hidden Worlds)
Cyclops (Virtual Reality)
Digital Cubes (Get in Touch)
Gesichtsraum (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Hidden Worlds (Center - 1. OG)
Info-Benches (Hidden Worlds)
INSTAR (Robolab)
Jam-O-Drum / CircleMaze (Virtual Reality)
onScreen (Login Gateway)
RE:MARK (Hidden Worlds)
SandScape (Get in Touch)
The Hidden World of Noise and Voice (Hidden Worlds)
Tool's Life (Get in Touch)
VR-Chart (Get in Touch)
Audiopad (Get in Touch)
Autostereoscopic / SeeReal (Gullivers Welt)
bitforms gallery (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Citycluster (Virtual Reality)
Elevated Space (Museumslift)
Flow in a Lift (SKY-Lift)
Humphrey II (Cyberdeck)
Key Grip (Hidden Worlds)
LabSpace (Archiquarium)
Little Red Riding Hood in Cyberspace (Login Gateway)
Museum Elevator (Museumslift)
Networked Portrait (Robolab)
Protrude, Flow (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
raum.art (Virtual Reality)
SKY Elevator (SKY-Lift)
Social Mobiles (Get in Touch)
Social Sound Fetish (Virtual Reality)
Streetscape (Get in Touch)
Tissue (Virtual Reality)
Um-Chi-Im e Je-Sul – The Art of Movement (Museumslift)
Uzume (Virtual Reality)
Archiquarium (Center - 2. OG)
Archiquarium (Archiquarium)
Beam me up! (Login Gateway)
Block Jam (Get in Touch)
Brumm, brumm - Commotion (Login Gateway)
Cheese (Login Gateway)
Diffusion (Login Gateway)
Dog[Lab]01 (Robolab)
Eine Welt der Wahrheiten (Archiquarium)
Futureme.org (Archiquarium)
Generatives Teilchen Kontinuum (Museumslift)
Gulliver´s World (Gullivers Welt)
Gulliver´s World (Center - 1. UG)
I/O Brush (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Incredible Elevator (SKY-Lift)
Innovision Wall (Login Gateway)
Karma (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
LEGO® Station (Robolab)
Librovision (Mit allen Sinnen)
Mersea Circles (Gullivers Welt)
Messa di Voce (Cybergeneration)
Moony (Robolab)
Nudemessenger (Archiquarium)
Pâte à Son (Archiquarium)
Peoples´ Portrait (Login Gateway)
Remote Furniture (SKY Media Loft)
Robolab (Center - 1. OG)
Seek (Login Gateway)
Somnambules (Archiquarium)
Sur la table (Archiquarium)
The Linz Local Transportation Hub (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Watchful Portrait (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Animation (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Ars Electronica on Demand (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Artificial Arm Design (Cybergeneration)
C-Leg® (Cybergeneration)
Conspiratio (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Cyberdeck - Humphrey (Center - ZG)
Cybergeneration (Center - 1. OG)
Datadesk/Datawall (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
FESTO Robotic Arm (Login Gateway)
Hotspot Area (Login Gateway)
Hotspot Area (SKY Media Loft)
Humphrey II (Virtuelle Welten)
Jumping Rope (Cybergeneration)
Knowledge Maps (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Music Box (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Origin (SKY-Lift)
Perfect Time (Cybergeneration)
Prix Ars Electronica Animations (Login Gateway)
Robo Zoo (Cybergeneration)
Scrapple (Virtuelle Welten)
Titans (Login Gateway)
u19 – freestyle computing (Cybergeneration)
u19 – freestyle computing (Archiquarium)
Virtual Reality (Center - 1. UG)
VR Arena (Virtuelle Welten)
WikiMap – Knowledge Map (Center - 2. OG)
WikiMap Linz (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Wikipedia (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Airacuda (Login Gateway)
Airbag (VR Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
Aquaplay (Cybergeneration)
besenbahn (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
City-Puzzle (Gullivers Welt)
Computer Vision (Mit allen Sinnen)
curious implantation (Login Gateway)
Digital Archives (Virtuelle Welten)
Digital Marionette (Picknick Zone & Simulation Lab)
Digital Marionette (Cyberdeck - Humphrey)
drawn (Mit allen Sinnen)
Elekit (Robolab)
Flow Simulation Performed on the Porsche Cayenne (VR Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
Imaginations of Town (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Knowledge City Map (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Kobito – Virtual Brownies (Virtuelle Welten)
Landscape of Ideas (Mit allen Sinnen)
lesson 3 (SKY-Lift)
mau-bi (SKY-Lift)
Morphovision (Mit allen Sinnen)
Move (Mit allen Sinnen)
Otorhinolaryngology (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Outerspace (Robolab)
QuiQui's Giant Bounce (Cybergeneration)
Robolab: Sensors (Robolab)
Simulation Lab (Simulation Lab)
Smoke Tree (Mit allen Sinnen)
The Grammar of the Metallic (SKY-Lift)
The Khronos Projector (Mit allen Sinnen)
The Manual Input Station (Mit allen Sinnen)
The Sancho Plan (Picknick Zone & Simulation Lab)
The Scalable City (VR Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
Thermoesthesia (Mit allen Sinnen)
They Rule (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
u19 – freestyle computing (Cybergeneration)
u19 – freestyle computing – Simulation Lab (Mit allen Sinnen)
Urban Tapestries (WikiMap – Wissensräume von morgen)
Virtual Schönbrunn (VR Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
WikiMap (Login Gateway)
With All Senses (Center - 2. OG)
bubble cosmos (Mit allen Sinnen)
chic-o-mat (Login Gateway)
Cybergeneration (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Digital Pheromones (Virtuelle Welten)
Diorama Table (Virtuelle Welten)
Ene-geometrix (Mit allen Sinnen)
Flipbook! (Cybergeneration)
FOG PAINTING (Cybergeneration)
Gulliver's World (Ars Electronica Center neu)
hanahana (Mit allen Sinnen)
Leonardo da Vinci (Application) (Virtuelle Welten)
Login Gateway (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Phantasm (Virtuelle Welten)
Picnic Zone & Simulation Lab (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Pico Cricket (Robolab)
PuppetTool (Cybergeneration)
Robolab (Ars Electronica Center neu)
s.h.e. (Login Gateway)
SaveYourSelf!!! (Login Gateway)
Simulation Lab (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Slot Machine Drawing (Cybergeneration)
Spacequatica (Picknick Zone & Simulation Lab)
Stop Motion Short Cuts (Cybergeneration)
The Second Life Experience (VR Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
Topobo (Robolab)
u19 – freestyle computing 2007 (Cybergeneration)
u19 – freestyle computing Exhibition (Simulation Lab)
Virtual Worlds (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Visualizing Strawinsky (VR-Arena) (Virtuelle Welten)
With All Senses (Ars Electronica Center neu)
Brainball (Picknick Zone & Simulation Lab)
Greenbox Studio (Cybergeneration)
u19 – freestyle computing 2008 (Cybergeneration)
we guide you (Cybergeneration)